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Street Steal - Terracotta Urli

              I have been on the lookout for an urli since I saw them at someone's place. I fancied putting flowers or floating diyas in them near the entrance of my home especially during festivals like Deepawali. I found the perfect one when my Mom and I were killing some time at Central mall in JP Nagar. It was in bronze and just the right size. Only hitch, it was 20k! I never knew bronze was so expensive. Anyway I found a cheaper alternative recently and I like it better (obviously :P)

And here is how I displayed it in my home. I had got this beautiful diya in my wedding (thank you Swetha :)) and it goes perfectly with my terracotta urli (yay :)). And please indulge my deluge of photos :P. What to do I like all of them :D

Where to find it - Right opposite to Raagi Gudda Temple, JP Nagar, third shop on the left side.
How much? - 200 bucks for the biggest one.

1 comment :

  1. HI Soujanya,

    I have been looking for these from loooonnngg time, I dint even know what they were called :p.

    can i still find them near JP nagar Raagi Gudda Temple?